Hi! I’m Fr. Ron Cochran, a retired Catholic priest of The Diocese of San Diego.

Why did I name this blog “FatherFather.net”? Because after I was ordained, my son used to call me father father. Yes, I’m a father. I’m the father of two children, a girl, and a boy, and I am an ordained Catholic priest. I had a different life before I was ordained, a life probably more like yours. Still, one of my pastors told me that I lived and acted like a priest and maybe should consider ordination. That began a whole new phase of my life built upon the previous. I will be eternally grateful for that.

Initially, I began this blog when I was pastor of The Church of St. Luke in Rancho San Diego, CA. I originally focused on the Liturgy of Word, at Mass, by discussing and writing reflections on the Sunday Gospels. I wanted to help people experience the Lord’s presence through the Liturgy of the Word. Now I want to help people experience the Lord’s presence in all parts of the Mass.

I’m also committed to helping us make the Mass central to our lives. I pray that this blog will help people allow God to touch their hearts and souls, through the Mass, and help them respond by living their lives as conscious, active, and purposeful disciples whose discipleship is centered on the Mass.

I stopped blogging quite a while back because it became so difficult to come up with a detailed post every week. And, I got so much spam in the comments that I became totally frustrated.

Now I plan on using a more advanced spam filter and only writing at a pace that doesn’t bog me down.

I’m using a new blog layout so there will be somewhat of a learning curve for me. I wanted to make the blog active anyway so be patient, please. Thanks and God bless you.

P.S. Another reason I started blogging again is to use it as a platform for marketing my new book. My book implements my double goals which I mentioned above. I may embarrassedly promote it. Please check it out. Here is the link.

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