Scriptural Reflections by Lectionary date

ImageLectionary DateTitle
2023/10/29Greatest CommandmentA Ordinary 30th Sunday
2023/10/08, 2023/10/08, 2023/10/08Parable of the Tenants in the VineyardA Ordinary 27th Sunday
2023/10/01Parable of the two sonsA Ordinary 26th Sunday
2023/09/24The Workers in the VineyardA Ordinary 25th Sunday
2023/09/23Peter asks "How many times must I forgive?"A Ordinary 24th Sunday
2023/09/10Fraternal Correction in 3 stepsA Ordinary 23rd Sunday
2023/08/301st Prediction of the Passion, Conditions of DiscipleshipA Ordinary 22nd Sunday
2023/08/27Peter's Confession of FaithA Ordinary 21st Sunday
I am going to prepare a place for youA Easter 5th Sunday
The Good Shepherd (1st part)A Easter 4th Sunday
The Road to EmmausA Easter 3rd Sunday
Appearance to Disciples / Disbelief of ThomasA Easter 2nd Sunday
The ResurrectionA Easter Sunday
Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, Last Supper, Judas, CrucifixionA Lent Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday
The Raising of LazarusA Lent 5th Sunday
The Man Born BlindA Lent 4th Sunday
The Samaritan Woman at the WellA Lent 3rd Sunday
The Coming of The Son of ManA Advent 1st Sunday
The Question About the ResurrectionC Ordinary 32nd Sunday
Zacchaeus the Tax CollectorC Ordinary 31st Sunday
The Pharisee and the Tax CollectorC Ordinary 30th Sunday
The Persistent WidowC Ordinary 29th Sunday
Cleansing of ten lepersC Ordinary 28th Sunday
Apostles Ask for Faith / The Proper ServantC Ordinary 27th Sunday
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