Scripture Reflections by Lectionary Title

A Advent 1st SundayThe Coming of The Son of Man
A Easter 2nd SundayAppearance to Disciples / Disbelief of Thomas
A Easter 3rd SundayThe Road to Emmaus
A Easter 4th SundayThe Good Shepherd (1st part)
A Easter 5th SundayI am going to prepare a place for you
A Easter SundayThe Resurrection
A Lent 3rd SundayThe Samaritan Woman at the Well
A Lent 4th SundayThe Man Born Blind
A Lent 5th SundayThe Raising of Lazarus
A Lent Palm Sunday/Passion SundayTriumphal Entry into Jerusalem, Last Supper, Judas, Crucifixion
A Ordinary 21st SundayPeter's Confession of Faith2023/08/27
A Ordinary 22nd Sunday1st Prediction of the Passion, Conditions of Discipleship2023/08/30
A Ordinary 23rd SundayFraternal Correction in 3 steps2023/09/10
A Ordinary 24th SundayPeter asks "How many times must I forgive?"2023/09/23
A Ordinary 25th SundayThe Workers in the Vineyard2023/09/24
A Ordinary 26th SundayParable of the two sons2023/10/01
A Ordinary 27th SundayParable of the Tenants in the Vineyard2023/10/08, 2023/10/08, 2023/10/08
A Ordinary 30th SundayGreatest Commandment2023/10/29
C Ordinary 27th SundayApostles Ask for Faith / The Proper Servant
C Ordinary 28th SundayCleansing of ten lepers
C Ordinary 29th SundayThe Persistent Widow
C Ordinary 30th SundayThe Pharisee and the Tax Collector
C Ordinary 31st SundayZacchaeus the Tax Collector
C Ordinary 32nd SundayThe Question About the Resurrection
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